Sailrite Sailplan Database   

Welcome to your new Sailplan Database Site. The key features are:

This data repository offers access to actual sail measurements. In many cases that data has been obtained from designer blueprints or class association rules. In other cases it is calculated using sophisticated algorithms based on the I, J, P, E, P2, and E2 boat dimensions. In the latter case the numbers (in decimal feet except where indicated) will be followed by an asterisk. When there is no asterisk the data source will be indicated. All measurements in decimal feet are followed by their equivalent in millimeters.

Note that the list of sails for which dimensions are provided is not by any means exhaustive. Just the more popular sails will be shown. If a desired sail (such as a storm trysail, for example) is not shown, the poster can be requested via email to add it. Indeed any additional information, including quotes for finished sails or kits or sail cleaning or sail handling hardware, can be emailed to the poster by clicking on his name. Your local email software will be called upon to create a message. Sailrite, of course, is webmaster. If a poster chooses not to correspond feel free to click on one of our posts to request information of us. And, where possible, you will find a link to a useful web site listed along with all the other data on each boat.


Site Members and Roles  

The Sailplan Database Web site allows visitors to register as members and then log in. Members have specific privileges defined by roles such as administrator or guest. The following table describes what features are available to visitors in different roles.



Anyone (not logged in)

May search boats and view and respond to posted sailplans.

Logged in

May additionally post and manage his own sailplans (private as well as public) and maintain a list of personal bookmarked boats.

Logged in as administrator

Reserved for Sailrite's Jeff Frank. May additionally edit all entries and manufacturer/designer categories, general site settings, and activations and deletions.

Any user can open the site and have access to all of the data. But he will not be able to change anything nor will he be able to add anything until he registers. Once registered, the user can login and post any entries that he thinks would be helpful. He will also be able to review and edit any entries that he has made earlier. He will not be able to modify the entries of others. Note that users who login will be able to post entries that are "private", that is, accessible only to them through their personal listings page. They will also be able to make up their own "catalog" of "bookmarked" listings that they might use frequently on a repeated basis. Users can bookmark the postings of others as well as their own.

If an error is discovered in a posting not your own, the proper response is to post the sailplan again noting the correction in the description box. If there is uncertainty about which posting is correct, both will be left in place and users will be responsible for taking measurements as appropriate. In many cases, the same boats from the same factory will have rather different measurements due to changing manufacturing techniques and changing sources of spar and other hardware suppliers.

Searching for Boats and the Displayed Data  

Anyone can use the database to find sailplan data. There are two ways to conduct a search. First, any part of the boat's name can be entered. Thus, "PY" could be entered to find a Paceship Yachts boat as long as "PY" appeared somewhere in the name, e.g., "Paceship Yachts PY23". There can be some confusion concerning names like "O'Day". Capitalization does not matter, but the use of the apostrophy can be confusing. It is best in such cases to simply enter "Day". Note that searches work for strings of characters that do not initiate a word as well as those that do. Unsure how to spell a word like "Abbott"? Just enter "abbo". A list of all the boats with those characters in their names will be displayed from which the proper one can be selected.

It is also possible to use two strings of characters to perform a search. Thus, the search just above could be entered "abbo% 27" to reduce the length of the list of boat names returned (the "%" serves as a wildcard for any number of characters). But note that the two strings must be found in just the order entered. If Abbott and 27 were separated by another word or in reverse order, that entry would not be found.

It is also possible to find boats produced by a particular manufacturer or designed by a given individual. A list will be displayed from which a selection can be made. This kind of search can be helpful but it is not perfect since the same boat can be produced by several different manufacturers over time and, in any case, manufacturers and designers are not always known by those who post.

When the desired boat is selected from a list of choices in alphabetical order, all the information on that boat will be displayed on one page.

Posting Ads  

As a registered (and logged in) user of the Sailrite Sailplan Site you can post a boat's data for public consumption or for your private use (do be aware that Sailrite will have access to private postings). Registered and unregistered users can browse all postings and respond to them. When you post a boat, you can specify its name, its manufacturer/designer, its length, a link to a source of additional information on the web, the key boat measurements that determine sailplan dimensions (i.e., the I, J, P, E, P2, and E2) as well as those dimensions themselves for any number of sails. Of course, users are also entitled to know the source for these data and there is a place to indicate that. Some information may not be available -- if so, it can be left blank.  Additionally, photos or line drawings can be added (up to five for each boat). These can be helpful in designing sails even if they are quite small and rough.

The dimensions you enter can be in three formats. First, you can enter decimal feet (or decimal inches when called for). If the dimension is available in feet and inches, you can enter the feet and inches separated by an apostrophe mark ('). Finally (and third), if measurements are in meters, enter that followed by an "m". When the page is saved, your entries will be converted to decimal feet followed by milimeters in parentheses.  If I, J, P, E, P2, and E2 data are entered, the site will calculate all sides of each sail requested. These "calculated" dimensions will have an asterisk following the decimal feet (or inches) figure. Use the "Edit" button to modify these dimensions. Again, all three modes of entry listed above are acceptable. Your entered values will not have the asterisk. These figures are assumed to be "real".

To create an sailplan listing

1.       Log in to the site as an registered user.

2.       In the top navigation bar, click on the Post a Sailplan link.

3.       Select the manufacturer/designer of the boat.

4.       Click on the Next button.

5.       Enter the relevant boat data and indicate whether the listing should be public or private. The only required field is Name .

6.       Click the Save button when you are ready to submit this first page. Then go on to select sails from the pull down list. Each time one is added, dimensions will be calculated based on the I, J, P, E, P2, and E2 data entered on that first screen. Correct these calculated dimensions or add them as necessary by editing the individual sail detail boxes.

To upload a line drawing or photo for a boat immediately after creating it

1.       After you clicked the Finish button for an ad click the Upload Photos for your Ad now link.

2.       In the Manage Photos section, click Browse to select the image to upload.

3.       Click Upload.

4.       Repeat steps 2 through 3 for any additional photos you wish to upload.


To upload a photo for an existing ad

1.       Log in to the site as a registered user.

2.       In the top navigation bar, click My Ads & Profile.

3.       In the My Current Ads section, click the Edit link of the ad you wish to upload pictures to.

4.       Click the Manage Photos link in the Actions section of the page.

5.       In the Manage Photos section, click Browse to select the image to upload.

6.       Click Upload.

7.       Repeat steps 5 through 6 for any additional photos you wish to upload.

Ordering a Kit  

Once you have defined the sail needed, an order can be "initiated." The actual order process requires some interaction between you and the Sailrite staff. We want to review your selection and option choices and go over everything with you either on the phone or via email before we actually create a sales order. Once we are sure that the sail kit will meet your needs, we will post the sales order as a quote just for you on the web. After final approval that quote can be transformed into an actual order -- this can be done by the customer on the web or by sailrite staff in phone conference with the customer.


Managing Your Profile  

The Sailrite Site allows you to manage your public and private postings, your saved bookmarks, and your profile characteristics. Profile characteristics include your first name, last name, description, email and password.

To change your profile

1.       Login to the site as a registered user.

2.       In the top navigation bar click on the My Postings & Profile link.

3.       Click on the My Profile link.

4.       Your profile information consists of:

a.       First name, last name, description and email.

b.       Password.

5.       To change your first name, last name, description, or email

a.       Change the appropriate text box.

b.       Click the Save button to commit the changes.

6.       To change your password

a.       Enter your existing password, new password, and confirmation in the appropriate text boxes.

b.       Click the Change Password button to change the password.

To remove bookmarks

1.       Login to the site as a registered user.

2.       In the top navigation bar click on the My Postings & Profile link.

3.       Click on the Saved Bookmarks link.

4.       Click the Remove link of a bookmarked posting you wish to remove from the bookmark list.

Site Administration  

This part of the site is only accessible by those with "Administrator" rights -- and that should be just Sailrite staff. The tasks users with this role are administrative including:

         modify any postings in the site

         manage posting placements and deletions

         create, modify, and delete manufacturer/designer listings

         manage site settings

The site settings are the business logic of the site. The settings are managed using the Web form Settings.aspx page and stored in the site-config.xml file in the App_Data folder. The site settings include:

         whether postings require validation before appearing on the site

         number of days a posting remains active (set to unlimited by default)

         whether users are allowed to edit their ads

         how ads are treated when a user removes an ad

         maximum number of photos that can be associated with an ad

         whether to notify the administrative contact email when new ads are posted and at what frequency

         whether to store photos in a database or in a directory

         name of the site that hosts email activity

         site contact email

         SMTP host name

To create a Manufacturer/Designer listing

1.       Log in to the site as an administrator.

2.       In the top navigation bar, click the Site Administration link.

3.       Click the Manage Manufacturer/Designer link.

4.       Select the listing that will be the parent of the new one. Click a listing in the Sub-Categories list box to drill down into that listing.

5.       Type in a name for the new listing in the Add Sub-Lising text box.

6.       Click the Add button to add the new listing.

To manage site settings

1.       Log in to the site as an Administrator.

2.       In the top navigation bar, click the Admin link.

3.       Click the Manage Settings link.

4.       Change settings as needed.

5.       Click the Update button. The site-config.xml file is updated as well as the copy of the settings stored as an application object.

To change tool requirement labels

1.       Enter a whole number in the percent column of the master options table.

2.       Depending on that number, a different label for tool requirements will be displayed.

To account for fabric widths

1.       Log in to the site as an Administrator.

2.       Divide the width of the fabric by 54.

3.       Enter that fraction in the percent colum of the master options table.

To enter kit options and price them

Login as administrator. Click on the ADMIN tab. Then select CHANGE AND ADD SAIL KIT OPTIONS. The next screen will display a table with all of the option categories that have been set up to this point for all sails. How do we add an option category? Do not edit categories (this choice should be deleted). Select the category to be examined. A new page will be displayed with all of the instances where this particular option has been applied to all sails of all sizes in a huge OPTIONS table below the CATEGORY table.

On the left is a drop down box with all of the sails that have been defined as possible choices. Select one of these to filter the OPTIONS table to show only that particular sail in all of its possible pricing size categories. Thus, if MAINSAIL were selected, the OPTIONS table would include all the possible size "buckets" for mainsails ranging from smallest to largest. Each sail will be lumped into one of these buckets for pricing purposes and, the options listed for each bucket will be offered on the pricing screen.

To add options to the OPTIONS table, click on the ADD OPTION ROW FOR SELECTED CATEGORY. The program automatically adds two blank options (the second one can be left blank for later use if it is not needed). These blank option rows can be used to add options to any "sail/size" bucket by clicking the pulldown in the second column and selecting from the list presented. The pulldown in the next column allows selection of options that could be applied to that sail/size bucket -- options that are defined in the master list of options. The third column labeled HRS/LABOR is used to indicate the hours required for the completion of any kit option or (in the case of the COMPLETED category -- the labor cost per hour)

To modify or add to the master list of options click on one of the cells in the third column (the options column) of the OPTIONS table -- this will result in a screen with a CATEGORY table very similar to the previous screen but with a MASTER OPTIONS LIST below. Add to this master list by clicking the ADD A NEW MASTER OPTION LINE FOR SELECTED CATEGORY button. The options themselves can be edited or deleted by selecting appropriate rows in the table. The first column in this table is determined by whatever category is selected above. The second column is a description of the option which will be available for any particular sail/size bucket with that category in the OPTIONS table on the preceeding page. The next column, PRICE, is the catalog price for the option as a kit or finished item (whichever is appropriate). The %HARD column that follows is used to indicate hours for completion labor -- a default value which can be changed line by line in the OPTIONS table. The ORDER column just orders the presentation of the list in the OPTIONS table. The HELPPDF column identifies help files that are used to explain the use of options. Note that these help files apply to the master option and to all of its applications to particular sail/size buckets.

To add to or modify the sail/size bucket selection list either click on a second column cell in the OPTIONS table or select the CHANGE CLOTH FACTORS AND SAIL LABELS hyperlink on the SITE  ADMINISTRATION page. This will pull up a page with two tables: the SAIL DIMENSION IDENTIFIERS table and an unnamed table with every type of sailtype listed. New sails can be added to this list by clicking the NEW button in the SAIL DIMENSION IDENTIFIERS table or current sails can be modified by selecting them in the unnamed table and then editing the information displayed in the SAIL DIMENSION IDENTIFIERS table once that selection is made. Cost categories are edited and added by first selecting a sail type and then clicking on the INSERT NEW COST CATEGORY BELOW button or by clicking EDIT in the existing cost categories that are displayed right below the SAIL DIMENSION IDENTIFIERS table. Note that the fabric factor is used to multiply the sail's square footage and yield the yardage of 54 inch wide sailcloth that would normally be required to complete it. The %HARD column in the OPTIONS MASTER table is used to modify this factor and adjust the yardage of fabric that is wider or narrower than the 54 inch standard.