Pearson 34 Sailboat SailPlan Data and Sail Quoting System

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  Pearson 34
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Data courtesy of:   sailrite
I J P E I2/P2 J2/E2
44.25ft (13487mm) 14.00ft (4267mm) 38.33ft (11683mm) 12.50ft (3810mm)

Length: 33.8ft (10302mm)
Source of Data: Designer/Builder Sailplan
Builder/Designer: Bill Shaw
Production Status: Out Of Production

LWL 28.1 Beam 11.1 Disp 11200/11750 Ballast 4250/4700 Draft 5.9/3.8-7.6 Produced from 1983 to 1986

SAIL DIMENSION TABLES (the more popular sails only)
Pearson 34 MAINSAIL
Luff 38.33*ft (11682mm)
Foot 12.5*ft (3809mm)
Leech-AftHdBd 39.63*ft (12079mm)
Tack Ang 88*
Diag (clew/head) 39.9*ft (12161mm)
Head (inches) 6*in (152mm)
Area (no Roach) 247.79*ft2 (23021mm2)

Pearson 34 GENOA
Luff 44.09*ft (13438mm)
Foot 22.58*ft (6882mm)
Leech 41.5*ft (12649mm)
Perc LP 150.0*
Length Perp 21*ft (6400mm)
Deck Angle 4.00*
Area 462.96*ft2 (43011mm2)

Pearson 34 JIBSAIL
Luff 37.13*ft (11317mm)
Foot 18.51*ft (5641mm)
Leech 32.3*ft (9845mm)
Perc LP 115.00*
Length Perp 16.1*ft (4907mm)
Deck Angle 12.00*
Area 298.93*ft2 (27772mm2)

Pearson 34 SPINNAKER
Stay 44.09*ft (13438mm)
Foot 25.2*ft (7680mm)
MidGirth 25.2*ft (7680mm)
Perc LP 180*
Area 944*ft2 (87701mm2)

An asterisk after the sail dimensions above indicates that a computer algorithm was used to determine the figure shown based on partial data (usually the I, J, E, and P). Needless to say, these data should be carefully checked. If there is no asterisk, the poster has input the data. The source for this data will be indicated on the source line at the top of the page. No matter the source, we highly recommend that all measurements be checked carefully before utilizing them. More Detail