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Boat NameLength Posted By Builder/ Designer 
MARINER (BERRY & WHITE) 39ft (11887mm)Gayle Dunham UnknownSailplan Measurements
11' sailing dingy11ft (3352mm)cfoxCharles W. WittholzSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.13 foot balance jib skiff13ft (3962mm)timo4352 UnknownSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.14 Semi Dory14ft (4267mm)sailriteJohn GardnerSailplan Measurements
14'6" sail and oar eliassonguitars UnknownSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.2 Meter50ft (15239mm)sailriteTemple, TomSailplan Measurements
20' spritsail - Dorothy20ft (6095mm)ncboatsJohn GardnerSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.21' Crab claw Catamaran21ft (6400mm)Butch UnknownSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.2100 BY AMF ALCORT21ft (6401mm)sailriteAMF AlcortSailplan Measurements
25' spritsail skiff25ft (7619mm)ncboatsJohn GardnerSailplan Measurements
26 tedsbedsCuthbertson and CassianSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.3.8M Dinghy12.47ft (3800mm)sailriteRadoslaw WerszkoSailplan Measurements
35635.5ft (10820mm)verbryckHunter MarineSailplan Measurements
38-138ft (11582mm)talonawd91Ted IrwinSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.4.5m14.75ft (4495mm)schutzbRadoslaw WerszkoSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.49er16.33ft (4977mm)sailriteJulian BethwaiteSailplan Measurements
55 Tortola Cutter / Motorsailer55ft (16763mm)sailrite UnknownSailplan Measurements
A Priori22ft (6705mm)paul.spackmanHerreshoffSailplan Measurements
A SCOW38ft (11582mm)sailriteMelgesSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.ABBOTT 2222ft (6706mm)sailriteW. AbbottSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.Abbott 2727ft (8230mm)sailriteW. AbbottSailplan Measurements
Abbott 2828ft (8534mm)jlghomeW. AbbottSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.ABBOTT 3333ft (10058mm)sailriteJ. LarsenSailplan Measurements
Ad preview photo.ABBOTT 3636ft (10973mm)sailriteW. AbbottSailplan Measurements
ABBOTT 36 DK36ft (10973mm)sailriteW. AbbottSailplan Measurements