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Use this segment of our site to find boat and sail dimensions and to request custom quotes. The sailplan data displayed here is available to all without registration. But for those who want to participate in our data collection efforts or play in our sail "sandbox", registration is required. In order to protect the site from malicious entries, those entries are tracked and the registration makes that possible. If you want to help develop this site or ask "what if" questions about your own sail inventory, hit the login button above and provide a user name (not necessarily a legal name -- just a string that can be easily remembered and entered -- we suggest an email address -- or a company name where appropriate) and a password at least one character long. Your email address is also requested.

Sailrite has been putting together sail kits for over 34 years now. We created an industry and we continue to lead the way with ever more sophisticated designs and ever more complete instructions.

And now we offer completed sails as well! Go ahead and order a kit. If you decide to have us build it for you later we will charge only the difference between our kit price and our finished price.
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If ordering a sail for a non-production (custom or modified) boat, your measurements would be helpful. If so please return completed form Sail Measurement Form  using the "Submit by E-mail" button (top of form) or print out the form and return by fax (260.693.2246) or e-mail ( If yours is a four sided sail use the Four Sided Sail Measurement Form .